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The glamour of New Years Eve


This is not a place to find super trendy styles or a huge amount of of DIY projects that never get done. This is a modern guide for Home Economics with every day applications so that we can all live better lives:  Preservation, Collections, Cooking, Housekeeping, Home Styling, Gardening, Entertaining, Gifting and Etiquette. 

The glamour of New Years Eve

Joseph Marini

I don’t like being out in crowds on New Year’s Eve and I don’t like being up til 3am even more, but I do like the glamour of New Years Eve. The celebration of the year ending and the anticipation of the New Year to come, hopeful for more joy in store than the year before. It’s a time that brings together people of all denominations, all traditions and all backgrounds to celebrate the change of the calendar.

Instead of hosting a party that starts late and ends late, opt for hosting a dinner party that is planned to end just shortly after the stroke of midnight.


Each year when I entertain for the holidays, I pick a central color theme to use from Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Years. Thanksgiving started the holidays with gilded gourds of copper and gold. Christmas incorporated copper and gold along with soft whites, pinks, brown and silver. And now New Years Eve will add a beautiful dusty gray into the mix.


With so much going on during the holidays, entertaining should be easy and re-using color themes and decorations from holiday to holiday makes for less work and a lot less expense.

Each year when I entertain for the holidays, I pick a central color theme to use from Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Years.

The table is set with a beautiful antique, hand-appliqued cross stitch table cloth, dishes gifted to my mother on her wedding day, made in Japan, that were handed down to me, fine cut crystal glassware and the snow globes I made for Christmas make for a beautiful wintery, glamorous centerpiece (no money required). Incorporating something personal on a table setting makes a great conversation piece, so this year I chose to add some of my collected crystals to scatter about.


Dinner will be a simple roasted, stuffed Pork loin with Creamy Grits and Roasted Acorn Squash because of the vibrant gold color it adds to the table when everyone is seated.

After dinner, a lavish, but easy to prepare display of sweets is set up buffet style for the guests to mull around. As everyone is casually enjoying dessert, take the opportunity to prepare trays of champagne and cordials for toasting the New Years Eve ball drop.

As midnight rings in, your guests will be celebrating in good cheer fully satisfied by the lovely event you just hosted.