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Triumphant and Unfussy Christmas Eve Dinner


This is not a place to find super trendy styles or a huge amount of of DIY projects that never get done. This is a modern guide for Home Economics with every day applications so that we can all live better lives:  Preservation, Collections, Cooking, Housekeeping, Home Styling, Gardening, Entertaining, Gifting and Etiquette. 

Triumphant and Unfussy Christmas Eve Dinner

Joseph Marini

Entirely roasted in the oven, this Christmas Eve dinner is easy to put together, quick to prep and delicious to eat. We always keep things low key on Christmas Eve, so being able to prepare a dinner that doesn’t involve a lot of prep or clean up is ideal. Strategic menu planning during the holidays makes entertaining much easier, and I always try to come up with a menu that doesn’t involve turning the stove on or washing any pots.

I do, however, like to take the time to make sure the presentation is noteworthy by using mixed-matched place settings of Transferware dishes, marble cheese boards, antique etched glassware and other collected items that don’t get everyday use.


Guests are welcomed to a simple cheese board and cocktails while coats are stored and boxes of presents are hauled in and set under the tree. Since everything is roasted in the oven and the kitchen is already cleaned, it frees up my time to sit and enjoy a cocktail with our guests by our tree.



With so much going on I want an easy to prep menu, as well as an easy to serve menu. Thanksgiving is such a production in our house, its nice to have a holiday that is made easy. But, that doesn’t mean that it has to skimp on elegance or substance.

A menu of Herbed-Dijon Roasted Leg of Lamb, Scallopped Gold Potatoes and Crispy Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Lamb Dinner.JPG

Lamb Dinner Close up.JPG

Using a boneless leg of lamb allows you to butterfly the roast, and it takes the guess work out of proper timing for perfectly cooking it. Since there are few ingredients to this dish, using a high-quality, dry and tangy traditional Dijon is very important. My go to and most loved Dijon is Edmond Fallot Dijon. Many varieties on the market are made with sugar, which I find alters the taste when cooked.

Lamb Roast.JPG

Lamb Roast close up.JPG