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This is not a place to find super trendy styles or a huge amount of of DIY projects that never get done. This is a modern guide for Home Economics with every day applications so that we can all live better lives:  Preservation, Collections, Cooking, Housekeeping, Home Styling, Gardening, Entertaining, Gifting and Etiquette. 


Joseph Marini

It’s the season of gift-giving and holiday parties! It’s always fun to be included during the holidays when friends and family are entertaining. Being a good guest has some responsibility, and is just as important as being a good host/hostess, especially during the holidays.

Gift Package Christmas.jpeg

Showing your gratitude for being on the guest list should be more than just showing up with a bottle of wine as a way to say, “Thanks for inviting me”. Unless specifically requested, handing over a bottle of wine, more or less says, “I didn’t have the time or the energy to put any thought into thanking you for including me.” By default it’s acceptable, however it’s completely unimaginative and if someone is taking the time out of their life to plan and host a party and include you in their plans, you should show your appreciation with a creative gift. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it should be thoughtful! It should come from the heart. It should also show that you took some time out of your busy schedule to express your appreciation. Especially during the holidays.

If it is your first time being invited to someones home it is doubly respectful to bring a thoughtful gift. Make an impression and make it memorable. A typical amount to spend on a hostess gift can range from $20-$40 depending upon the recipient, how well you know them, how elaborate the event is and how often they entertain. Im not talking about your best friend who hosts small dinner parties every week, but for special occasions, new acquaintances, guest of a guest or larger more elaborate parties, a kind gesture should always be given.

Decorating for Christmas.jpeg

Being a good guest is just as important

as being a good host/hostess”


These are tried and true gifts that I have taken to parties and have sold at my shop in Atlanta, which have left a memorable impression on a host/hostess. I’ve taken the time to curate and package these so that you can purchase them here and save yourself the time of doing so.

For it is in giving that we receive”

-St. Francis of Assisi