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KNOW HOW: Removing Wax 101

Joseph Marini

Dirty Candleabra.JPG

Wax Removal

Tips to removing wax from Candlesticks, Tablecloths and Wood Tables

With Thanksgiving approaching, our menus are set, and we are now focusing our attention on setting the perfect table. If you’re anything like me, you pull out those candle sticks or table cloths only to find remnants of wax that you just didn’t want to deal with last year. It’s not the end of the world! With the help of an iron and boiling water, we will break down how to safely remove that pesky wax. Within minutes you will have a wax free Thanksgiving!

Prepare a large metal mixing bowl with 1/4 cup of white vinegar and 4 cups of boiling water. The vinegar will help to release the oils in the wax. It is important to use boiling water. Simply using hot tap water will not melt the wax sufficiently to release it, and you will end up rubbing wax all over exactly what you’re trying to get it off of.

Soak your candlestick for two minutes to fully melt the wax. Lift the candlestick out of the hot water being careful not to burn yourself. Using a cotton cloth, simply wipe the candlestick clean. Again, the biggest mistake most people make is using hot tap water rather than boiling water.

After cleaning your candle pieces, let the wax filled bowl cool so that the wax starts to solidify again. Scoop out the solidified wax and discard. Do not pour this wax down your sink drain when in a liquid state.. When it hits the cold pipes, it will solidify and could adhere to the pipes causing your pipes to become clogged. After discarding the solidified wax from the bowl, the best thing to do is to flush the remains down a toilet. If you impulsively dump the bowl down the sink, simply boil a small pot of water and pour it down the drain.

Wax can be easily removed from any type of tablecloth or linen in 3 easy steps.

Set your iron on a medium heat, with the steam option turned on. Lay your tablecloth over an ironing board. Do not try to iron off the wax on a finished wood surface, the steam will damage the wood. If you do not have an ironing board, layer up a few thick towels under your table cloth as a base to capture the steam.

Layer paper towels under the area where the wax is. Place a few sheets of paper towels on top of the wax. The paper towel will capture the melted wax and help absorb it. Lay your iron on top of the paper towels, over the spot where the wax is, and give a few shots of steam while slowly running the iron over the spot. Leave the iron on the area to get it hot enough to melt the wax.

Immediately remove the paper towels and allow the table cloth to dry. If you have a residual ring where the wax was, a simple spot clean should remove it.

After the big day, when the candles have burned down and all the pie is eaten, you may find yourself faced with many wax drips hardened to your table. It is very easy to remove them with a little patience and care.

You will need a blunt object such as a very dull knife or plastic putty knife, clean paint brush, small tooth brush, paper towels, a cotton towel and an iron.

Set your iron on the highest setting and make sure to TURN OFF the steam option. Do not use steam on a wood table. Gently scrape off any built up wax pieces being careful not to scratch the wood surface. Lightly brush it away with a clean paint brush. Layer a few sheets of paper towels over the wax area. Lay down a cotton towel on top of the paper towels to protect your table from contact with the iron. Rub your iron in a circular motion over the area where the wax is, making sure to heat up the surface hot enough to melt the wax. Do not leave the iron to sit in one spot as it may burn the wood. Once the wax is fully absorbed by the paper towels, simply run a toothbrush in the wood grain to full remove any wax that might be left behind in the grain. Lightly polish your table and it will be restored to near perfect condition.

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