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Set in style: Aged serving pieces bring life to a modern table

Joseph Marini

As a kid, setting the table was sort of a right of passage for me. With about 25 guests to feed on Thanksgiving, it was an annual ritual to set the table the night before. Linens were ironed one by one, china was arranged around the table, serving pieces were counted and earmarked for each dish being served. Glassware and cutlery were stacked side by side, and last, but not least, the flowers were gingerly placed in the middle like putting the cherry on an ice cream sundae: we were ready.

Every year, older and wiser, I still anticipate the same ritual to get ready for Thanksgiving, only now I look forward to setting a less traditional table by mixing and matching new, old and found pieces from the past year.

This years inspiration was a monochromatic theme on the color Amber and Bronze. When thinking about your holiday table its always best to pick a color and design around it. While walking past the flower section in the grocery store, my eye was drawn to a beautiful bunch of Bronze Fuji Spider Mums. That planted the seed for the inspiration behind my Thanksgiving table. A flower that has fallen from grace is now back in style, and I wanted it to be the inspiration for my Thanksgiving. There is a lot of intention that goes into celebrating Thanksgiving and your table should reflect that.

One element that remains consistent in my style of entertaining is to incorporate serving pieces that have age, patina and iconic style to them, whether a monogrammed serving utensil, a serving tray aged with the patina of years of tarnish or a mottled ironstone platter that has gracefully stood the test of time.

Two of my favorite hand-picked items are a lovely and impressively sized, Greek-key Ironstone carving platter with drip lines and well. The color green is magnificent and standing proudly on its feet holding a robust Turkey, this would impress even the most seasoned hostess. And for those side dishes that need a generous, yet easy scoop, a set of serving spoons monogrammed with the letters “ML”. They are the perfect size for serving and you can just imagine their elegant, storied past when you pick them up. They are available in the shop and waiting for you to bring them into your home for another century of family entertaining.

Thanksgiving Ironstone Turkey Platter.JPG

Stately Ironstone Carving Platter

Tarnished Patina Monogrammed Serving Spoon.JPG

“ML” Monogrammed Serving Spoons